Coronavirus - Current issues and instructions

Kirjoitettu: 24.03.20

Updated information: Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland (THL)


Stay home if you have mild symptoms and
seek medical help only if your symptoms are severe.

-> In that case, contact your healthcare provider by phone to prevent spreading the disease to others. The aim is to ensure that those suffering from severe symptoms are able to receive treatment.

Avoid contact with others if you have symptoms of respiratory infection. Do not go to work or school when sick, and do not take sick children to day care or to the grandparents. That way, you are helping protect the elderly and people who are susceptible to coronavirus because of their primary disease,’ says Director Mika Salminen.
THL is monitoring and assessing the situation together with the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). THL will provide information and instructions as the situation develops:

Latest information on coronavirus COVID-19 


Medical care in HONKAJOKI municipality

Phone numbers:

PoSa 044 577 3245

   Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00

   Saturday and Sunday and holy day (other than Sunday) 8:00-18:00

All other times contact Satasairaala: 02 627 6868


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